Emergency Funds

I am a big fan of having emergency funds (or savings for a rainy day). You will sleep so much better! The FCA* states that 1 in 10 adults have no savings and a BBC survey revealed that half of twenty- somethings have no savings. Emergency funds is a savings pot reserved for life’s emergencies:Continue reading “Emergency Funds”

Minimalist Gift Guide

Minimalist? Gift guide? Necessary. I have been living the downsized lifestyle and telling people for a couple of years now, and I still get presents. It does take a while to shift habits, giving presents has become engrained. So here is a little guide that might be useful if the occasion arises and it involvesContinue reading “Minimalist Gift Guide”

How to train your savings muscle

Saving is a habit. And a muscle.Imagine anything you can do well. Play guitar, play football, do calligraphy, play video games, drive a car. The first time you did this you will have sucked. But the more you did it and trained, the better you got. That’s because your muscles learned the movements, how toContinue reading “How to train your savings muscle”

Minimalist beginnings

I downsized because I had too, roughly 5 years ago. Until then I lived in a cluttered flat with an even more cluttered basement cubicle and garage. I prepared to move to the UK, to London, where I (at most) could afford a little room in a flatshare. So, I had to get rid ofContinue reading “Minimalist beginnings”

How to do a expense overview

Taking it back to basics here, it is really beneficial for your (financial) wellbeing to know what you spend your money on. This way you know what you have to change, and where the biggest lever is to free up money for saving or paying off debts. Part 1 – Essentials These are essential billsContinue reading “How to do a expense overview”

About this blog

I believe that the world is better if people know how to shape their financial success. I also believe that we can and need to unlearn giving things power over us. This blog is about personal finances, sustainability and minimalism. Because they go very well together. They are the foundations of a good life. ThereContinue reading “About this blog”

Money during a pandemic

Whether you you are one of the lucky ones who have a continuous income in these crazy times of Covid-19, or have been but on furlough, made redundant or fear for their own business: Lockdown, uncertainty, fear and overwhelm is affecting us all. In this we are all together. Now is a good time toContinue reading “Money during a pandemic”