Countdown to Christmas

Let’s talk about Christmas (or other year end celebrations you do in your family) . I know what you’re thinking: Christmas???? We’re in August, I am still deciding whether I should go on a holiday… But it’s coming, in only 4 month from now. A few numbers from Christmas 2019*: In the UK, each person spentContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas”

8 ways to improve your credit score

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the 3 elements (credit score, affordability, deposit) that will influence your financial credibility and increase the success of a mortgage application. Read the whole post here. In this post we will look a bit more into things that you can do to increase your credit score. WhichContinue reading “8 ways to improve your credit score”

Mortgage overpayments explained

A lot of people pay their mortgage like a bill: Something you have to do and you don’t think twice about it. Many contracts allow you to overpay on your mortgage, which means you make extra payments outside the monthly repayment. In this post I explain why it makes sense to overpay. Banks do notContinue reading “Mortgage overpayments explained”

Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing means you are confident and at ease with your personal finances. You understand your day to day finances, know how to manage them and can plan ahead for the future. Why is it important to talk about this? Many of us don’t look after our financial wellbeing (I didn’t for long years). MoneyContinue reading “Financial wellbeing”

9 myths about saving money

We heard lot of falsehoods and tell ourselves a lot of untrue things about saving up money and why we can’t do it just now. Time to address a few common myths and set it right. MYTH 1: I shouldn’t save too much, I got to live now.Don’t save up for the joy of saving.Continue reading “9 myths about saving money”

Emergency Funds

I am a big fan of having emergency funds (or savings for a rainy day). You will sleep so much better! The FCA* states that 1 in 10 adults have no savings and a BBC survey revealed that half of twenty- somethings have no savings. Emergency funds is a savings pot reserved for life’s emergencies:Continue reading “Emergency Funds”

How to train your savings muscle

Saving is a habit. And a muscle.Imagine anything you can do well. Play guitar, play football, do calligraphy, play video games, drive a car. The first time you did this you will have sucked. But the more you did it and trained, the better you got. That’s because your muscles learned the movements, how toContinue reading “How to train your savings muscle”

How to do a expense overview

Taking it back to basics here, it is really beneficial for your (financial) wellbeing to know what you spend your money on. This way you know what you have to change, and where the biggest lever is to free up money for saving or paying off debts. Part 1 – Essentials These are essential billsContinue reading “How to do a expense overview”