Better choices

This listicle is for everyone who wants to make better choices but doesn’t know where to start.  Done is better than perfect is a good approach. We don’t need a handful of people being perfect vegans. We need millions doing things imperfectly. That means there is no need to research everything you do, a bitContinue reading “Better choices”

Countdown to Christmas

Let’s talk about Christmas (or other year end celebrations you do in your family) . I know what you’re thinking: Christmas???? We’re in August, I am still deciding whether I should go on a holiday… But it’s coming, in only 4 month from now. A few numbers from Christmas 2019*: In the UK, each person spentContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas”

Minimalism explained in 6 Minutes

What comes to your mind when you think about Minimalism?Have you ever thought about the stuff that is in your life? I am a minimalist. I wasn’t all the time, in fact, I was rather a maximalist before. I was sad, I shopped. I was successful, I shopped (reward, right?). I was in company, IContinue reading “Minimalism explained in 6 Minutes”

10 top tips to travel lightly

This year isn’t a travel year, but some might make it out or around in the country anyway.  We will go see my parents in Berlin this week and this is a good opportunity to give a few tips on how to travel stress-free and light. 6 years ago I would have easily packed 21kgContinue reading “10 top tips to travel lightly”

Minimalist Gift Guide

Minimalist? Gift guide? Necessary. I have been living the downsized lifestyle and telling people for a couple of years now, and I still get presents. It does take a while to shift habits, giving presents has become engrained. So here is a little guide that might be useful if the occasion arises and it involvesContinue reading “Minimalist Gift Guide”

Minimalist beginnings

I downsized because I had too, roughly 5 years ago. Until then I lived in a cluttered flat with an even more cluttered basement cubicle and garage. I prepared to move to the UK, to London, where I (at most) could afford a little room in a flatshare. So, I had to get rid ofContinue reading “Minimalist beginnings”