The ongoing purge

It’s ongoing, the purge. It’s not purge once and then live happily minimalist ever after.

For 5 years now I consider myself minimalist. It began when I had to downsize an entire flat full of stuff to move into a tiny room in a house share. I discovered I did not actually need anything from my former life. The byproduct of the move to the UK  became intentional when I realised how much lighter & more free I felt without all the stuff. 

Despite being a minimalist I still regularly find myself decluttering, bringing stuff to the charity shop or selling things. There a many reasons for this.

It’s me being weak more often than I thought. 
The year has been tough and my weakness has always been the belief that for all the hardship, I have deserved this or that. Especially if the desired object is below £20ish and perishable (like a scented candle or expensive chocolate), I sometimes fall in the trap of an impulse purchase.

It’s reading. 
That one single book per month is 12 by the end of the year. I read fiction on the eReader, but this year I read mostly books to learn (e.g. Me and white supremacy, The 4-hour work week, Daily Stoic, How to talk so kids will listen). I want to be able to add post its and go back and forth… So I need them as paper books.
Some of them I will pass on, some I might keep longer. Until then they collect dust.

It’s replacing things and not throwing away the original. 
That recently happened with chipped mugs. We got 3 nice mugs to replace them and I didn’t throw out the old ones out right away. I thought, maybe it’s better to keep them, just in case. The case did not come in 3 month, so they recently left. After all, they were chipped.

It’s people not listening and giving us things we don’t need, for birthdays, when coming back from holiday or care bundles from home. The intention is kind, but if it does not add value to my life I will pass it on.

Needs change.
The baby is growing and in need of bigger clothes, different toys. Pregnancy clothes now stored unused in a box and need a new owner. Circumstances in life change, and so do the things that add value.

For me minimalism is an ongoing practice. Ongoing reevaluation of needs, a constant curation. 

This is ok. As we don’t have masses to start with, it doesn’t usually take a lot of time to do this.

This practice itself has also become a bit meditative for me, I often turn to do this when I feel stuck in another area. Clearing out then unlocks something and I not seldom become unstuck in the other area in the process. Motto: When in doubt, tidy up!

Plus it is lovely to pass things on. I passed my entire pregnancy wardrobe on a very happy person who was ecstatic to not have to drive around or order lots of stuff online to accommodate the bump. Same for outgrown baby clothes bundles. It always finds a good new home.

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