The couch table

This is our couch table. I bought it in a Swedish furniture store in 1997. It is bruised and battered, but because it lived with me through so long and has seen so much of my life I would never even had considered to exchange it. I even had the occasion where I took pride in having it for over 20 years through more than 6 addresses.

I hosted many a cuppa and supported my legs after long days.

Along came my son, and with him a playmat and a few toys. Then he started crawling.. And suddenly, there was no room in the living room.

So we disassembled it and moved all parts in the shed, mid 2019.

I came across it 3 weeks ago when I looked for something bike related in the shed. I saw it and thought, do we want to bring it back in? Ever? The answer is no, none of us missed it in one year. We listed it as free and it’s gone now.  It felt good to let it go.

We rarely question the value things add to our lives.
We just take them with us wherever we go.

Our lives constantly changes. Stuff that added value to our life 2 years ago might not anymore. We have to be able to let go then, lest things become a burden.

Do you have something in your life that does not add value anymore?

2 thoughts on “The couch table

  1. I have to get rid of a lot of stuff I collected during the last years. First thing I give away will be my marriage dress : it doesn’t suit anymore and needs a lot of space!


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