Minimalist Gift Guide

Minimalist? Gift guide?
Necessary. I have been living the downsized lifestyle and telling people for a couple of years now, and I still get presents. It does take a while to shift habits, giving presents has become engrained.

So here is a little guide that might be useful if the occasion arises and it involves a minimalist.


The favourite bottle of wine, chocolate, a bunch of flowers, a scented candle. They can be savoured and enjoyed, maybe even together, and then they are gone and don’t clutter.
It helps to know the receiver, to choose the right one. Listen and/or observe. Does he/she like white, red or rose wine? Milk, dark or white choc?


Minimalists often value experiences over stuff. An invitation to dinner, cinema vouchers, wellness, or a whiskey tasting, there is so much choice out there.
It helps to know the receiver, to choose the right one. Listen and/or observe.


If you do not want to get presents: Say it. Often. Before every birthday, and gift-giving occasion. When I get asked, I usually say:
“Lovely to think of me. I don’t need anything at the moment, but dark chocolate will make me very happy. (*big smile*)”
If you still choose to give your minimalist friend stuff, please do not take it personal if they regift it (well, you might not know this, but equally never see your present ever again). You want to make the other person happy, don’t you? If he/she isn’t, why be offended when it’s passed on? To another person who might love it?
If you really really feel the need to get a present, ask them what they want. And if they say what they want, get them that, even if it’s something unsexy. You want to make the other person happy, that’s the whole thing about presents. If he/she wishes for tea towels, choose great ones!

As a minimalist: Remember, you can still be a kind person and say “No, I don’t want a present”. Being kind is about treating people with kindness and respect. You are not rude when you say you don’t want anything.

Present for my auntie: A card, favourite chocolate and a handmade drawing (wrapped up). She was over the moon.

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