Money during a pandemic

Whether you you are one of the lucky ones who have a continuous income in these crazy times of Covid-19, or have been but on furlough, made redundant or fear for their own business: Lockdown, uncertainty, fear and overwhelm is affecting us all. In this we are all together.

Now is a good time to halt.

  • Take a break from spending money
    • Even if you have a continuous income, don’t be tempted to do online shopping
    • Try to stick to essentials (food & groceries)
    • Skip take-outs
  • Do an expense & income overview looking at the 3 months before it all started (I suggest December, January and February)
    • Expenses: Everything that went out of your accounts. More on how to get started can be found here.
    • Income: What money came in?
    • Savings potential subscriptions: Cancel those you don’t need.
    • Savings potential insurances: Now is a good time to call them up or send an email to get better deals.
  • Take stock of your possessions
    • What do you really need?
    • What do you use regularly?
    • What brings value to your life?

Go on a spending lent, and if it is only for the fun of seeing how much you can save this way. No online shopping. Strictly essentials, I mean food and groceries.


We live in an endless circle of consumerism, keeping up with the Jones’, constant exposure to marketing and promotions and being better, faster, newer, up-to-dater.
Or we just numb any bad feelings by “rewarding” ourselves instead of reflecting on the feeling.

Do not fall in the trap of numbing your feelings (i.e. boredom, overwhelm, anxiety) with buying unnecessary stuff.
The Oatmeal visualises it brilliantly, the pile can also be labelled “Feelings”.
Now is the time to remind yourself that little luxuries do not have to be expensive. A hot cuppa, a relaxing bath, a piece of chocolate. A walk in the forest which might currently be full of bluebells.

Not spending money now can help you save and feel more prepared for the future and bring your expenses down right away.

We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond, and not making a problem worse is a good start. 

Now is a perfect time to look at your money spending habits, in order to learn and move on better prepared.

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