About this blog

I believe that the world is better if people know how to shape their financial success.
I also believe that we can and need to unlearn giving things power over us.

This blog is about personal finances, sustainability and minimalism. Because they go very well together. They are the foundations of a good life. There might also be the odd parenting story 🙂

I am passionate about personal finances. It is not taught in school, many of us haven’t learned it from their parents and it is somehow a taboo to speak about it, especially about debts. Well tended and cared for personal finances let you sleep better, let you reach your goals (be it a great holiday, a wedding or financial independency) and help you through crises.
In this blog I will talk about many things money and dos and don’ts of successful life financing. And how easy it is.

Minimalism does not mean not living without furniture in in bare white walls.
And it is NOT (!) about deprivation.
It is about making space for the important things, which aren’t usually things.
And because not buying as many things saves money, it goes well good personal finances.
Who wasn’t away before with only a small selection of personal belongings (just clothes/shoes) and did not miss anything else at all and felt better while away from all the chaos at home?

Sustainability is about making things last longer and buying resourcefully and responsibly. Being materialistic in the true sense of the word means to buy things made of better materials which will in turn last longer. Repairing, recycling and upcycling are the keywords here.
It also means buying from places you know are sustainable and local.

But it’s also important to take a relaxed view and not to stress too much, be sustainable with your time. Meaning you don’t have to spend 5 months to research the perfect ethical white basic shirt should you need one, but maybe understand that spending as much on a shirt as you spend on a coffee will not be the best purchase.

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